What to Do Before Selling Your Used Optics

Gun sales and sales of hunting licenses soared to new records in 2020. Whether your firearms are for self-defense, recreation, or both, you know the importance of a quality scope.

You’ve gone through several models to find the perfect scope. Now you have your go-to optic, but all the others are taking up space in your safe.

Did you know you can sell used optics? You can make some money, clean out the parts you don’t use and give someone else the chance to enjoy your old scope.

Find out more about how to sell used optics. You’ll be ready to take the next step.

Evaluate the Condition of Your Optics

Before trying to sell used optics, think about what you would look for if you were going to buy used optics. A buyer wants a scope in good, working condition. Evaluating the condition of your scope is the most important thing you can do before trying to sell it.

No one expects used optics to be in as good of a condition as new ones. However, you’ll have a hard time selling a scope that is heavily worn or damaged.


Cleaning the optic is a good place to start. You can polish and buff out the scratches and dings that come from normal wear and tear.

Does It Work?

Test the scope to be sure everything works properly. When you look through the sight, the picture should still be clear and bright. The reticle should be centered and even.

Check the illumination function if the optic has this feature.

The turrets are another important part to check. If the new owner can’t adjust the scope for windage and elevation, the optic is useless. Ensure that the turrets adjust without any play or wiggle.

The o-rings that seal around the turrets shouldn’t have too much wear.

Make sure the optic mounts correctly. Finally, hold the scope outwards and look to see if it’s still perfectly straight. Even a slight bend can ruin the scope.

Taking your rifle optics to the range is the best way to ensure that they work like they’re supposed to. When you put some rounds through your rifle, you’ll quickly be able to tell how well the scope is working. You can likely find a buyer for a scope that still works well even if it has a little wear and tear.

Look at the Brand

Some brands have better resale value than others. A brand that was popular a decade ago may not be top-of-the-line today. Brands with a transferable warranty are also easier to resell.

Some of today’s top brands include:

  • Aimpoint
  • Athlon
  • Bushnell
  • EOTech
  • Leupold
  • Meopta
  • Nightforce
  • Nikon
  • SIG Sauer
  • Steiner
  • Trijicon
  • Vortex
  • Zeiss

What these brands have in common is quality, durability, precision, and accuracy. A company’s reputation is critical for anyone thinking of buying refurbished scopes. Optics from companies like Aimpoint and Trijicon are practically indestructible.

Buyers have more confidence that a used scope in good condition will give them the performance they want.

Find the Original Paperwork

Gather everything you have that came with your optics, including wrenches, sunshades, and lens caps. The original box, papers, receipts, and any documentation can increase the value you’ll get when you sell used optics. This paperwork gives the buyer proof of the quality of your scope.

If you have optics that you never used, they’re probably still in their factory packaging. Just make sure they’re still in original condition, and they’re ready to sell.

Look for the Best Place to Sell Used Optics

Many people find that selling firearm optics online is the most convenient option. Carrying your optics around town to different pawn shops takes time and gas. You also risk damaging your scope in the process.

You can sell directly to an individual online or use an online company. Selling directly to another gun owner might get you a higher price. Or it might not.

You have to be very careful to avoid fraud, scams, and unscrupulous people.

Selling to an online company is often the most secure option. Before you choose who to work with, do a little research.

Look at online reviews to see if other customers were happy with the selling process. You can also find out if people felt that the prices were fair.

Have Reasonable Expectations for the Price

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices to a few potential buyers, ask for a quote. Be sure to set realistic expectations for yourself. You won’t get back the price you paid to buy the optics new.

A relatively recent scope in like-new condition can bring you a high percentage of the original full retail price. If the optic is older or has more signs of wear, you’ll get a lower price.

To get the most accurate quote, give as much information as you can. You’ll need to provide details like:

  • Brand, model, and model number
  • Magnification range
  • Angular unit of measurement (M.O.A. or Mil)
  • Condition of the scope
  • How old the scope is
  • Adjustment features

You can compare the quotes from several companies to be sure you’re getting the best possible offer.

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