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Customer Reviews

We always love hearing from our customers. Here are a few of our reviews!

“I appreciate how simple and easy your company and yourself are to work with! I will always reach out if there is anything else I have to sell!”

Stephen K, Sioux Falls, SD.

Stephen K, Sioux Falls, SD.

“Just wanted to let you know that the RCO (ACOG) has finally arrived!  The box looks like it had been entered in the UPS drop, kick and punt contest but your packing job protected it well and the scope and case are 100% intact.

I was Blown Away by the condition of the scope.  It looks like it has never been mounted on a rifle! I am beyond pleased with this purchase. Everything from the prompt invoice I received, to emails addressing my concerns about shipping, to the outstanding condition of the product has really impressed me.  I have been in the gun business as a store owner and gunsmith for the past 30 years and will pass along my experience with you to my many customers and friends. Thanks for an excellent transaction!

Semper Fi,”

John R., Churchville, PA.

John R., Churchville, PA.

“RKB Armory makes selling optics easy. While it may not be as much as you’d get selling it on a forum, it is very fair pricing offered and you have your money once the quality of your optic is confirmed after shipping it to them. Selling to RKB for any optics I don’t need is now my go-to, I’ve sold 4 to him in the last year and it’s just easy as pie!.”

Jon F., Decatur, IN.

Jon F., Decatur, IN.

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