5 Benefits of Buying Refurbished Scopes for Firearms

Did you know that buying refurbished scopes can save money without sacrificing quality?

Many gun owners overlook the benefits of used vs new gun optics. They end up paying more for new gun scopes when they could buy used optics. This is because they don’t fully understand what refurbished firearms scopes means.

In this article, we discuss the difference between these gun parts. We also tell you the 5 benefits of buying refurbished scopes. Continue reading to see how you can save money.

What are Refurbished Scopes?

Refurbished scopes are scopes returned to the manufacturer. These scopes can be sent in because of damage, but they can also be sent in due to shipping/ ordering errors or from display models.

The manufacturer takes these firearm scopes and inspects them for any operational issues. This process involves testing the scope during the refurbishing process.

If it doesn’t pass inspection or testing, the scope will not be refurbished. Instead, it is used for its used gun parts for the repair of other scopes.

Scopes that pass the inspection and testing process continue on in the process. Any detected issues are corrected and the scope is returned to proper function. It is then set back to original specifications from the factory.

Used Optics vs New Optics

Understanding used vs new gun optics is important when deciding between the two. New gun scopes come straight from the factory. They’ve never been used (including as display models).

Another thing to consider is that new firearm scopes often come with warranties. These warranties offer peace of mind if something goes wrong in the months or years after purchase.

In contrast, used optics are returned to the manufacturer due to damage, from floor models, and other reasons. Occasionally they come with warranties.

However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t benefits associated with buying refurbished scopes.

  1. Save Money

The most common reason people opt for used gun optics is cost. A refurbished scope is going to be cheaper than buying the same scope brand new.

Gun scopes can be costly, especially if you don’t know what to look for in choosing the right one. Many gun enthusiasts want to enjoy the benefits of a scope without the high price tag. The cost difference between used vs new gun optics can be significant.

Buying refurbished scopes from a reputable seller is likely to be more costly than less reputable sellers. However, the peace of mind involved with a quality refurbishing process can be worth the price difference. Plus, you’re still likely to receive significant savings compared to buying new.

  1. Better than Buying Used

As we said, refurbished doesn’t necessarily mean that someone else owned the product or that there was damage or a defect. However, buying used does mean it was previously owned.

Buying used has its own merits, especially if you know the seller and can ask questions We tend to prefer buying refurbished, or you buy from a reputable company such as RKB Armory.

Refurbished scopes aren’t necessarily faulty. They might have damaged gun parts that are simple to replace or other minor adjustments. A quality refurbishing process can mean receiving a product that is like-new for significant savings.

Buying a used scope can mean the previous owner either didn’t notice or didn’t disclose performance issues. It can also mean repairing a scope yourself.

Additionally, if you don’t have the proper training, you can damage the part. You also might have to pay extra for used gun parts in order to fix it yourself. Buying refurbished often offers better peace of mind than buying a used gun and comes with fewer repair costs.

  1. New Doesn’t Mean Better

Buying new firearm scopes doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re receiving a better product. The used optics that we sell all work perfectly, and are backed up by a 30-day guarantee.

As we said, the refurbishing process is extensive. If a scope doesn’t pass inspection or testing, it isn’t sold.

Plus, damage and defects still occur in new scopes. This can happen from an issue in the manufacturing process or from shipping. While most scopes have a limited warranty to prevent this kind of issue, there is still the hassle of going through the exchange or return process.

Buying a refurbished scope means that any issues were reviewed and corrected. Even without a warranty, you should still have confidence you’re receiving something that functions as well as new without the price.

  1. Access to Higher-Quality Gun Scopes

Have you ever had your eye on something higher-quality, and therefore more expensive? You know that it has all the features you want and it may even be a significant upgrade from what you already have. However, the cost might prevent you from getting what you want.

Buying a refurbished scope is a great alternative. The price difference between used vs new gun optics can put a higher-quality scope in your price range. Plus, most are like-new and can give you the same benefits as buying new.

They can also last as long as new scopes if you know how to set up and mount your scope properly as well as care for it.

  1. Less Risk in Damaging

Even though there is no warranty for refurbished scopes (RKB Armory offers a 30-day return for refund), there is less risk involved with damaging them compared to buying a new one. Having spent more on a new scope means higher anxiety involved with caring for it.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t still take good care of a refurbished scope, but they are easier to replace than a brand new scope, especially if it is past its warranty.

Start Enjoying the Benefits of Refurbished Scopes

Buying refurbished scopes means you can still enjoy the benefits of a new scope without the high cost. Plus, a refurbished scope is not necessarily damaged. It’s possible for these to be well-maintained floor models or shipping errors.

In many cases, refurbished firearm scopes work as well as new scopes because of the involved processes of repairing and testing. If the idea of saving money and still getting quality gun parts is appealing, consider buying refurbished.

For more articles on everything from selling used optics to the difference between hunting vs. tactical scopes, visit our blog.

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