The Ultimate Guide to the Different Types of Aimpoint Optics

Do you want to optimize your training, hunting, or simply learn the basics of shooting?

You can’t perfect your skills without the right optics.

Gun and rifle optics allow hunters, recreational shooters, and competitive shooters to extend their gun range and improve focus.

The above benefits also improve safety and defense, providing even more visibility to protect yourself and others.

Here’s a closer look at the different types of Aimpoint optics available to optimize your rifle collection.

The Aimpoint Micro T-2

The Micro T-2 is an excellent choice for seasoned shooters and buyers new to red-dot sight reflectors.

Standard red-dot devices reflect the LED light generated from the reflector’s axis focus part. The device only reflects red light transmissions, so you don’t have to worry about interference from other light sources.

A red dot attachment shines a beam of light onto a specially-coated glass surface. The angled glass reflects the red beam, producing the reticle you need for a precise shot.

Red dot sight optics are used for close-range shooting, like deer hunting. Since they don’t magnify the object, red dot optics are not rifle scopes.

Red dot sizes are measured in minutes of angle (MOA), which you can control through the aperture hole. A larger red dot is naturally easier to see, while a smaller dot technology is better for longer-range shots.

These are important basics to remember when shopping for red dot optics for the first time.

Features and Benefits

The popular Aimpoint Micro T-2 comes with powerful 2 MOA-sized red dot lenses with improved micro-sight. Its durable, weather-resistant exterior and flip lens covers make it ideal for all environmental conditions, from dry to rainy seasons.

Customers frequently pair the Micro T-2 with Aimpoint magnifiers like the 3X Magnifier 1 and 6XMag-1 optics.

More technical specs and benefits include:

  • Compatible with all Aimpoint night vision devices
  • Highly adaptable (shotguns, rifles, submachine guns, etc.)
  • Advanced optical technology for improved light transmission
  • Compatible with larger optics (thermal, magnifiers, night vision, etc.)
  • 5-year battery with ACET technology (50,000 hours!)
  • Reinforced turret protection
  • 13 compatible settings (night vision, daylight, off position)
  • A Picatinny-style base for rail attachment

This is an essential Aimpoint optic to have in your tool kit and one of the brand’s most popular products. You can also save money by purchasing your Micro T-2 in like new, lightly used, or used condition. Regardless of the condition, your red dot sight is guaranteed to work 100%.

Aimpoint Micro H-2

Next, start optimizing your rifle optics collection with more Aimpoint products, like the Micro H-2.

This optic is like a red dot sight but with a few differences. The Micro H-2 is a reflex optic that reflects a light beam (red dot) against a small spherical mirror. This mirror is semi-transparent. The light is reflected back onto the lens.

Shooters and hunters use this lens for quick shots, keeping both eyes open. Typically, these shots are made at a short to medium range.

You also don’t have to worry about getting the target and front and rear sights into the same optical axis plane. You only have to match up the illuminated point with your target.

These compact reflex optics help eliminate tunnel vision often experienced with telescopic sights, improving both peripheral and spacial vision. These features also help prevent problems with tilting.

The Micro H-2 also comes with MOA dot technology for optical precision, ideal for quick-moving targets. You also enjoy 12 different brightness intensity settings to get your lighting just perfect.

Similar to the Micro T-2, the Micro H-2 is built tough for rugged environments.

Other benefits include:

  • Versatile mounting capabilities
  • Great for managing heavy recoil
  • Recessed optic lenses
  • Tough alloy housing
  • Flip covers for added protection
  • Compatible with Aimpoint magnifiers (all generations)

Similar to the Aimpoint Micro T-2, you also have over five years of battery life waiting; that’s five years of frequent and consistent use.

Pair this reflex optic with the Micro T-2 on hunting trips if you want powerful night vision capabilities!

Red Dot Sights and Magnifier Combos

Red dot sight optics are non-magnifying, which means you’ll need to optimize your gun or rifle with compatible magnifiers.

If you’re using the popular Micro T-2, the 6XMag-1 is an excellent add-on. This magnifier was designed specifically to optimize the Aimpoint Micro T-2. This magnifier improves long-range aim capabilities and target observation.

The magnifier’s dioptric setting allows you to customize the device to your eye.

The Quickest Sights from Aimpoint

Do you want to optimize your shot for maximum quickness and speed?

Aimpoint’s CompM4 sight optics are the fastest sight products in Aimpoint’s inventory. These sights have even been tested in combat conditions, operating on just one double-AA battery.

One double AA battery provides up to eight years of consistent use. If you prefer the battery compartment positioned atop the sight, purchase the CompM4. The CompM4s sight has a lower compartment for the battery.

These sights are also considered industry-standard in many countries. The CompM4s sight is the same as the latest close-combat Optics used by the Army.

CompM4 sights come ready to mount with a QRP2 mount and rifle spacer. Plus, you don’t have to worry about distracting glares and reflections with killFlash® anti-reflection technology. Rubber lens covers are also included for added protection.

Buy and Sell Your Aimpoint Optics

Are you a loyal Aimpoint customer? Do you take pride in keeping your optics and accessories in great condition?

Selling your Aimpoint products is an excellent way to finance your next rifle upgrade. Plus, you can save even more money by purchasing used sights at a fraction of the cost.

Optimize Your Gun Parts Collection

Aimpoint is an industry leader in firearm accessories. Upgrade your collection with the highest quality red dot technology, combat-quality sights, powerful magnifiers, and more.

Do you want to sell your Aimpoint optics?

Request an offer so that we can learn more about your items and offer the best quote possible.

You can always contact us to learn more about our optics options and process.

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