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Aimpoint® is the Architect of the Red Dot Sight for Military, Law Enforcement, and Hunting Use.

Trust in the Leading Manufacturer of Scopes and Optics

For more than 45 years, Aimpoint has been manufacturing high-quality red dot sights that can be used for the military, law enforcement, or civilian. The company was founded in Sweden and has spent the past few decades working closely with experienced marksmen, hunters, and professional users to improve their innovative red dot sighting technology.

Over the years, Aimpoint has established itself as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of reliable and durable optics. Their products have been tested in Sweden in incredibly tough conditions to ensure they’re up to every challenge. Some of the most experienced users in the world use Aimpoint products to keep an eye on their target and capture it.


Aimpoint’s red dot sight technology enables a shooter to keep both of their eyes open while maintaining focus on their target. When a shooter brings their sign in to view and is focused on their target, the brain sees the red dot.

When your red dot is on the shooter’s target, the shooter is as well. So long as the shooter checks that they’re properly zeroed, they don’t have to center the dot in their sight.

The technology developed by Aimpont allows for fast target acquisition. The combination of accuracy and speed makes Aimpoint’s red dot sights the preferred choice for both experts and beginners.

The red dot sight is made without optical distortion or magnification. This is not a  laser that is projected onto a target. Instead, Aimpoint’s red dot sights are internal, allowing just the shooter to see the dot appearing on their target.


All of Aimpoint’s products are subjected to extreme testing, from physical abuse to submerging them in water. Countless trials and tests have proven that Aimpoint products can withstand virtually any challenge that’s thrown at them.

Every Aimpoint optic is handmade in Sweden. The optics are factory zeroed to require minimal adjustment when you first mount them onto your firearm.

Each Aimpoint is designed to operate under severe weather conditions. Whether you’re shooting in extreme heat or intense cold, you’ll feel confident knowing that your Aimpont product will continue to perform as expected.

Find a High-Quality Aimpoint for Sale

No matter what type of Aimpoint product you seek, you’re guaranteed to find something that’s superior quality. Through years of rigorous and continuous research and testing, Aimpoint has created a reliable line of products.

To purchase the extremely popular Aimpoint Pro or another product, browse our online store. Don’t worry if a product you’re looking for is out of stock. We regularly update our website as we receive new products.

If you’re interested in selling your quality used Aimpoint optics, visit our selling page to request an offer.

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