Smith & Wesson 586 Six Inch

For a long time, I’ve wanted a nice revolver, especially one with a cool-looking full under-barrel lug. I had my eyes on a Ruger GP-100 and the Smith & Wesson 686 (or, the blued version, the 586). However, revolvers aren’t the most practical handgun anymore, and the opportunity to get a good deal on a nice one never occurred. Well, that changed when I inherited a beautiful .357 Magnum Smith and Wesson 586 six-inch. (This is just one more act of kindness from my departed Father-in-Law.)

As with most new-to-me guns, a cleaning/oiling was in order. Having never taken apart a revolver, I went straight to Youtube. This video was thorough and the gentleman that made it is a factory trained armorer with a wealth of knowledge. I just followed along and stopped or backed up when needed.

Revolvers aren’t too complicated. But, if you’re not used to it, it looks pretty intimidating. This one had probably never been disassembled for cleaning or lubrication since it was new, but it wasn’t used very much, either.
The reassembly was even easier than disassembly. The results were perhaps a slight improvement in smoothness, or it might be my imagination. However, the entire experience was worthwhile and enjoyable because of the craftsmanship of this beautiful revolver.

The Smith and Wesson L frame revolvers came out in the 1980s. When I removed the stocks (watch the video to learn why I didn’t call it a “Grip.”) I saw that they were stamped with Oct. 23, 1984. Having the date clearly noted is nice, especially for a family heirloom. Because the original stocks had a significant chip, I ordered a new set, but I wrote the same date on the new set.

Perhaps my shooting will improve from learning the double-action trigger pull. But the real benefit of owning this Smith & Wesson 586 will be the joy of shooting and the admiration of a beautiful piece of American machinery.

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