7 Tips on Cleaning Scopes for New Rifle Owners

It’s no secret that Americans love their guns. In fact, at least 30% of American adults own at least one firearm.

This statistic includes handguns, rifles, and shotguns. After all, everyone likes something different. The number of gun owners in this country also points to the importance of proper firearm maintenance.

If you own a rifle, one of the most important aspects of proper care is learning how to clean the scope. This article takes a look at tips for cleaning scopes that will drastically improve accuracy and help your scope last for years.

Keep reading to discover insight into removing smudges on the scope lens as well as other useful tips for every rifle owner.

1. Dust Off Your Lens With a Microfiber Cloth

When it comes to keeping your rifle scope looking good as new, it’s important to remember that the lens needs to be handled with care. That includes the type of material used to clean it.

After all, the last thing you want to do is leave scratches during the cleaning process. Keep in mind that even the smallest particle of dirt and dust is enough to cause permanent damage.

The key is to avoid using materials such as your shirt, paper towels, or toilet paper that really aren’t suitable for cleaning lenses. Instead, use a high-quality microfiber cloth that’s specifically designed to clean fingerprints and oils off of lenses.

2. Never Spray Cleaner Directly Onto The Lens

Another important tip is to avoid spraying cleaner directly onto the lens. Why? This is due to the fact that too much moisture can damage the scope’s seal.

Keep in mind that your microfiber cloth will remove the majority of any smudges and oils from the lense, thus you should only use cleaning spray very sparingly.

3. Use a Q-Tip

Cleaning your rifle scope requires attention to detail. After all, a scope is designed with many small nooks and crannies and fine grooves where dust and dirt can easily hide and be challenging to reach with your microfiber cloth.

When cleaning these hard to reach areas, Q-tips can be very effective. The secret to using a Q-tip for cleaning your scope is to wrap the microfiber cloth around the soft end of the Q-tip so that you can reach the tight spots without worrying about touching the lens with the abrasive cotton or leaving wisps of the cotton behind.

Keep in mind that cleaning your scope is a delicate process, so you should take your time and resist the impulse to get in a hurry. Because rushing the cleaning process will likely result in unnecessary scratches on the lens.

4. Leave the Lens Cap On

Your rifle is made up of far more than just the lens, and all of it will need to be cleaned after every use.

When cleaning the rest of the scope, go ahead and leave the lens cap on. This will help reduce the possibility of solvents and powders used in cleaning the scope or your gun from touching your lens or waterproof seal.

You should also get in the habit of leaving the lens cap on during storage and when transporting your rifle from one place to another. It’s no secret that most hunters kick up plenty of dust while hiking to their favorite hunting spot, and any exposure to dust, pollen, and rain can leave smudges on the scope lens, making use of the scope less accurate.

5. Remember to Unscrew the Turrets

Turrets are the small knobs on your scope used to make minor adjusts when sighting in on a target. These knobs provide plenty of areas for dust, dirt, and other debris to hide.

That’s why you should always remember to remove your turrets during the cleaning process. They easily unscrew for cleaning. This is another time when using a Q-tip with your microfiber cloth will come in handy.

Just be sure to clean your turrets after you’ve cleaned your lens and replaced the lens cap so that you won’t risk scratching the lens with abrasive debris from the turrets.

6. Keep Your Cleaning Kit In Your Truck

Every hunting expedition is unpredictable. You simply never know what kind of weather conditions or physical obstacles you might encounter during the day.

That’s why smart hunters understand the importance of keeping a lens cleaning kit in their truck or even in their pack during the hunt. This provides the flexibility to clean your scope at any moment in the event of heavy dust or rain.

After all, you wouldn’t want to risk ruining the perfect shot because your lens is obscured by dust, moisture, or a smudge from a fingerprint.

Fortunately, a simple cleaning kit is small enough to stow in your pack or the pocket of your jeans, thus it won’t take up much space among your other hunting gear.

7. Don’t Forget the Battery Compartment

Some of the more advanced rifle scopes are actually battery-powered. Because of this, the battery can easily become exposed to dirt and moisture during a hunt.

This exposure can eventually cause corrosion inside the battery compartment. This is dangerous and destructive.

So be sure to inspect the battery compartment and gasket seal every time you clean the rest of your scope. It’s also a smart idea to keep a few fresh batteries in your backpack.

A Guide to Cleaning Scopes that Every Rifle Owner Should Know

Keeping your hunting gear in top shape should be a primary priority for every hunter. Fortunately, these tips for cleaning scopes will help ensure that you’re ready to take the big shot when it matters most.

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