Shooting Gallery: Where to Sell My Old Rifle Scope

The most important accessory you can add to a rifle is a quality scope. A good scope will let you utilize your guns to their fullest potential.

Whether you own a tactical rifle that allows for quick target identification and maneuverability, or a hunting rifle for those once-in-a-lifetime, long-distance shots, it’s the scope that makes it all possible.

But a good rifle scope often costs as much as the rifle itself. This puts quality glass out of reach for many shooters.

Rather than leave that old scope of yours in your garage, collecting dust for years to come, you can sell your scope pretty easily. The used optics market is booming, and many people are looking to get their hands on some used glass.

Wondering where you can list your old scope for sale, to put some cash in your pocket and help out another firearms enthusiast? Here are some of the best options for listing scopes for sale.

Sell Your Scope the Easy Way With RKB Armory

Selling your scope the wrong way creates work for you. If you have to drive all over town, meet up with strangers, or haggle your way to a fair price, then selling your scope will quickly become more work than its work.

That’s why we offer to buy your used optics on the spot. At RKB Armory, we make it hassle-free to get a fair price for your scope, without making you jump through any hoops.

Just fill out this quick form, telling us what type of scope you have, what condition it’s in, and what your mailing address is so we can send over a shipping label. Oh, and did we mention that if you accept the offer, we pay for shipping?

After we review the information about the scope(s) you want to sell, we’ll offer you top-dollar. Then, just print out the label, pack it up, and drop it off at the post office on your way to work, or schedule a pickup from your home.

And while we specialize in purchasing optics directly from gun owners, we also make exceptions on occasion to purchase additional accessories. Fill out the form on the page above to see what we can do for you.

No haggling with strangers and no driving around town is necessary. Make it simple by dealing directly with professionals at RKB Armory.

Your Local Gun Store

Want some other options for selling your old optics? You can also head to your local gun store. Gun stores usually specialize in buying and selling used guns and accessories, especially optics.

Stopping in and showing your optics provides you with an instant quote and instant payout if you decide to accept their offer. Dealing with your local gun store can be easy if you have a trusted shop nearby.

Plus, you get to check out their current ammo selection while you’re there, killing two birds with one stone. You might just get lucky and stop in after they received a big shipment since ammo is still so hard to find.

Local Marketplace

Want to try selling your gun scope directly to another end-user? You can use websites like Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist to connect with interested buyers in your immediate area.

When selling direct to end-user, you may be able to get a higher price. Though, there is usually more work involved. You have to field through messages from multiple people, haggle your way to an agreeable price, and decide on a time and place to meet up.

If you’re fine with meeting up with a stranger, then selling through these local marketplaces can be a fast way to trade your optics for cash.

Online Marketplaces

Want to sell direct to an end-user, without having to drive around town and deal with strangers? If you don’t mind shipping out physical packages, eBay can be a great place to sell your used optics.

Many people turn to eBay right away when looking to make a purchase. Their platform makes it easy to create a listing. And when you sell your scope, it’s easy enough to print a shipping label through their system. You’ll just need some basic packaging materials to ensure the scope isn’t damaged during transit.

When listing your scope online, take your time to include as many high-quality pictures as you can. Buyers are primarily looking at images when buying used products. Don’t try to hide defects or damage, lest you have to deal with a return later on.

There are also online marketplaces specific to firearms, such as GunBroker, if you want a more specialized marketplace for selling. While you are competing with many other sellers who may have the same product as you, you can easily set your listing apart by including better photos and a more thorough product description.

Online Forums

There are many firearms forums online that support a buy-sell-trade thread for users looking for used optics and accessories. If you already have an account with a firearm or hunting forum, just visit the section of the forum where you can list your product for sale.

The only issue with this type of direct selling is that there is no intermediary to manage the transaction. Each party is trusting the other person. Visit a user’s profile to see if they are an active, trustworthy member of the community before sending anything or providing personal information.

Pawn Shops

If all else fails, you can always head to your neighborhood pawn shop. You aren’t going to get top-dollar at a pawnshop. But selling to them is straightforward, and you can collect some cash right away.

Most people have a pawnshop nearby, so you likely don’t need to drive far.

Get Cash for Your Used Optics Today

There are tons of places you can sell that old rifle scope. Getting cash for your optics makes it easier for you to upgrade your optics as well. And you get to participate in a circular economy, helping other shooters get their hands on quality gear and supporting the firearm community.

And now that you know where to sell your used scope, you also know where to buy a scope if you want to try finding a good deal on some new glass.

So get started today by telling us what scope you have, and receive a fast, fair quote the easy way.

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