5 Benefits of Buying Used Gun Parts and Scopes

44% of Americans live in a household with at least one firearm. If you are one of them, you need to consider buying used gun parts to complement your load-out. Buying used scopes and other gun parts can be a great deal.

If you are looking to buy used optics, sporting scopes, refurbished scopes, or military optics long-range scopes you probably have questions. Look for the answers here with this guide.

The following 5 benefits of buying used gun parts and scopes will make you reconsider purchasing new components. That way you can add to your gun collection and remain thrifty. Read on to find out more.

  1. Buying Used Scopes Saves You Money

New gun scopes can be thousands of dollars. If you are a firearm enthusiast on a budget a much more affordable option is buying used scopes. If your budget is a bit higher, you can get multiple used scopes for the price of one new one.

If you like to mix and match different types of scopes this can be a great way to get a whole complement of them without breaking the bank. For beginning gun enthusiasts, this is a great affordable way to determine what you like.

  1. Used Gun Parts Are Field Tested

If you get new gun parts and accessories straight from the factory, they have not yet been subjected to the rigors of the field. Even if the factory tests them for quality control there is no guarantee that they will hold up under fire.

Used gun parts have all been put into action at least once. If they made it through their first lifetime on somebody else’s gun, chances are they are durable enough to handle most anything you have to throw at them.

Do you take good care of your optics? Well, so does almost everybody else.

Often, used optics are in like-new, or very lightly used condition. If you buy a used optic from RKB Armory, not only can you be sure that the optic is in good condition, but you also have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

  1. Shopping for Used Gun Parts Is Fun

When you buy used scopes and gun parts the shopping experience is half of the fun. Going to a gun store to shop for new parts only gives you a few options, many of which are confined to a box. The same is true for online.

When you shop for used gun parts you never know what you might find. There are tons of rare and vintage parts you may stumble across in your quest for what you are looking for. The excitement of the unknown is part of the fun.

  1. You Have More Options

Sometimes a piece may still be in production, but all of the major gun stores are sold out of the new models. If this is the case you still may be able to find the same accessory in used condition.

In addition, used marketplaces often have a much wider selection of gun accessories than your local gun retailer. If you are looking for the widest possible selection of gun accessories you need to check out used options.

  1. You Can Find High-End Pieces

Some people want higher-quality scopes or other specialty gun optics for their firearms. These are beyond normal specifications and can not be bought new unless you are willing to shell out big bucks. High-end optics can be a treat for any serious shooting enthusiast.

If you are after something different than your conventional sporting optics or scopes you should consider perusing some used high-end scopes classifieds. You never know what you may find.

What to Know Before Purchasing Parts Online

Buying used parts online is your best bet. This is the most valuable option that affords you the widest selection of components. This all assumes that you find a certified retailer with competitive prices.

There are a few things you should know before purchasing used gun parts online. Some will help you get the best deal, while others will help prevent you from getting in trouble with the law.

Know What You Are Looking For

Shopping for used gun parts or optics online is way easier if you have an idea of what you are looking for in advance. There are so many options for parts out there that it is easy to get distracted.

Make a list of some necessary components you need and try to stick to it as best as possible. That way, If you run across some other parts that could be of use to you it will be a bonus, not a distraction.

Selecting Online Retailers

Do a bit of research to see what online gun retailers have the inventory and prices you are looking for. Make sure to analyze some customer testimonials and reviews to ensure that they have a good reputation.

You also want to make sure that your chosen retailer services the area in which you live. Some online retailers can only ship within the boundaries of their state.

Research Laws About Ordering Guns and Parts Online

There are various federal, state, and local laws to consider when purchasing a firearm online. At the very least you will likely have to go through a licensed dealer to meet the federal law requirements. However, parts, accessories, and optics are under no such regulation and can be purchased freely.

In addition, you should research laws in your specific state and municipality to make sure that there are no laws against ordering firearms online. The ATF does not take illegal purchasing lightly so make sure to do your homework.

Buying Used Is Better

Buying used gun optics and accessories is sometimes a better choice than buying new parts. Many times it is your only option depending on what types of firearms you own and your budget. Buying used scopes allows you to get a great deal.

It also allows you to try many different scopes out for a lower price than buying them new. If you need any quality used scopes or optics make sure to contact us right away. We can get you the best deal possible for quality options.

That way you can get back to the range and enjoy yourself without breaking the bank. The more you save, the more time you can spend enjoying your firearms.

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