MLOK and the Bipod

One of the best things about the AR-15 style rifle is that it is light and handy. Therefore, I’ve always tried to minimize how many things I attach to the rifle. What is attached to the rifle should be dictated by your needs. As optics have become standard, I’ve noticed that I am zeroing my rifles much more often than when I just had iron sights. The bipod is the latest example of something that I want to be able to easily attach when the need arises, and remove when not necessary. The particular situations I have in mind are zeroing optics at the range, and utilizing a rifle in a fixed position or a recce role.

The Magpul bipod looked like a reasonably priced, high-quality option. However, how was I going to attach the bipod to the rifle? There are several ways to accomplish this, but none of them were as simple as I wanted, because I had both Keymod and M-LOK rails. In my opinion, M-LOK is the way of the future. Therefore, I wanted an M-LOK Bipod. What about the Keymod rail on my favorite rifle? I decided to switch it out. Now, I’ve got almost all M-LOK, and I’ll make sure to buy M-LOK in the future.

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