Why Used Optics?

Finding things that I want to buy has never been difficult. However, once I’m tired of one of my formerly “must-have” items, there hasn’t been an easy, trustworthy way to sell it.

That is why RKB Armory buys and sells used optics.

Many optics are barely used. Of the optics that are used, most have been used carefully. Below is a good example: This is an ACOG that I bought new in approximately 2007. I have used it, kept it mounted, and enjoyed all the things that made our military choose it. I also kept it protected by a scope-coat when not in use. Therefore, this ACOG looks and functions almost like it did when it was fresh out of the box. Some day, I may want to sell this ACOG. After all, I seldom use it.

Many people don’t have the time, desire, or ability to sell something like this. These people would benefit from the simple, trustworthy process of selling an optic like this to RKB Armory.

Step One: Fill out the sales form that describes your optic that you want to sell.
Step Two: Receive an offer.
Step Three: If you agree to the offer, use the shipping label that RKB Armory will send you.

That’s it, you’re done! If the product is as you described, RKB Armory will notify you when your check is on the way. In the unlikely event that RKB Armory has any questions, you will be contacted, given an updated offer, or your optic will be returned.

Purchasing an optic from RKB Armory is even easier. If you want to return the item in the same condition, for any reason, you have a 30-day guarantee of a full refund.

We want to make the world of buying and selling used optics easy for you. Now, you can buy, try, and sell when those items aren’t quite as “must-have” as you thought they were.

Want to sell your optics? Start by clicking here and complete the “Request a Quote” form today!

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