5 Tips for Buying Gun Scopes Online

Whether you’re a novice or an expert at handling a rifle, it can be a little difficult when browsing the market for your first scope. You can be left wasting money getting lost in all the technical jargon and many brands that are on the market trying to sell you something. But gun scopes are an essential upgrade for anyone who is serious about upgrading their rifle and looking to become a proficient marksman.

Out of all the gun accessories you can find on the market, gun scopes are one of the most important. Having a good aim is vital to hunting or shooting for sport because, without it, you’re never going to hit a target. If you want to find yourself going from a rifle rookie to a seasoned pro, then you’ll need to learn why and where to buy scopes.

Are you interested in buying gun scopes for your accessories online? Continue reading to find out what you need to look for. Here are five helpful tips for buying gun scopes online.

1 – Know Your Magnification

A gun scope allows you to magnify your view of a target. The magnification is how much closer a target is closer than what is seen by the naked eye when viewed through a scope. Viewing through a scope that is 4X magnification means that you are seeing a target that is four times closer than it appears when viewing it normally.

When looking for what magnification of scope you should buy, you have to know what you are going to be using your rifle for mostly. For small game hunting and close-range targets, you should look to buy a magnification between 1x and 4x. If you’re aiming for targets much further away, for hunting in open fields or closed landscapes, then get much higher magnification.

You want to be able to see your target clearly when looking through your scope. Too much magnification will make it hard to find your target, and too little will not let you get a good enough view to shoot at your target.

2 – Get a Good Lens Coating

A coated lens on a scope helps reduce the glare of light and enhances your sight. This is to help prevent harsh glare from sunlight when hunting in the daytime, as well as keep your view clear.

Most gun scopes will have a fully multi-coated lens that provides the best glare protection. There are other coatings, single-coated and multi-coated only. Always check to see if a scope has the best available.

It’s also a good idea to see if the gun scopes you browse through have waterproofing on them. This is important to have if you plan on hunting or going into places with a lot of rain or lots of moisture in the air. Waterproofing will keep your scope from getting ruined before you even get to use it.

3 – Choose the Right Reticle and Crosshair

Rifle scopes have visual guides known as reticles and crosshairs that you can see when looking through them. They indicate where a shot will go when fired. There are different reticles and crosshairs for a variety of applications that are more effective than others in different scenarios.

For example, if you are hunting often, then look to use a duplex reticle for its thick outer crosshairs and slim center point. For longer distance shooting, a mil-dot reticle will help you determine the distance and compensate for bullet drop.

Other reticles you can find include ones that illuminate in low lighting. Some gun scope brands have a range of colors and combinations. This is great for hunting in places with dense forests or wooded areas.

4 – Have A Good Eye Relief

Something very important to consider when you look through gun scope brands is eye relief. This is the distance between your eye and the ocular lens on the scope. The larger the distance, the more likely you’ll prevent yourself from being hurt in the eye when you fire.

Depending on a rifle’s recoil, the kickback from the shot can really hurt you if you aren’t careful. This is why having a scope with a larger eye relief is a nice option for anyone using a rifle scope.

5 – Consider Parallax Adjustment

If you’re going to be shooting at far distances, then you’ll need to have a scope that has parallax adjustment. Your scope will move around with your own head movements, which can impact your aim in a significant way. You can have a blurry view through your scope and ultimately miss your shot without proper parallax adjustment.

Some gun scope brands have a parallax adjustment built into the scope. This is very helpful to anybody using a gun scope on their rifle, that way, you can get the most accurate shots you can.

Buying New Gun Scopes

With our guide and helpful tips on buying gun scopes, you’ll be able to find the right gun scope to add to your accessories. While looking for the right scope is a challenge, the technical aspects that come from looking through different scopes don’t need to be intimidating. All of these tips will help point out what you need to look out for the next time you plan on looking through gun scope brands.

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