A Seller’s Guide to Gun Optics: What You Need to Know

The global gun optics market size is projected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 5.0% from 2020 to 2025.

Because rifle scopes retain some of their value, you can recover some of the expense from a sale. If you’re considering selling your gun optics, below is a guide that can help.

Steps of Selling Your Gun Optics

Looking to sell your rifle optics? Here is a step-by-step guide on how to sell gun optics that can help you.

Step 1: Know Your Gun Optics

Before you sell your firearm optics, you should have in-depth knowledge about them. From the riflescope’s brand to its top specifications, this information will be essential when making a sale. Most important is the model number. You will need it to convince buyers to buy your product. Additionally, the original packaging and accessories are a valuable aspect.

Step 2: Inspect the Gun Optics

Before you sell a gun scope, you should check its condition since it determines value. You need to ensure that the scope mounts properly and that it isn’t damaged. If your scope is badly damaged and worn out, it won’t be suitable for sale.

You can take it out on the range and test it out to ensure it is functional. The last thing you want is to deal with unsatisfied clients.

Step 3: Determine the Price of the Gun Optics

An important part of selling your firearm optics is to decide on its pricing. Set a realistic price based on the model and condition of your rifle scope. While you shouldn’t get the full retail price for a used optic, you can get a lot of your money back. Also, you should consider if you want to try to get absolute top-dollar, or if you just want a decent price that will allow you to concentrate your time and effort elsewhere (such as your next optic).

Step 4: Find a Gun Optics Buyer

Once you determine that the firearm optics are in good condition and you’ve set the price, you can start looking for a willing buyer.

Where to Sell Gun Optics

Finding the right buyer for your gun optics can be challenging. Below are a few options you should consider.

Pawn Shop

For a fast sale, a pawn shop may be your ideal buyer. However, these buyers may be less familiar with gun optics and may not know how much it’s worth. This means you have to spend more time convincing them. You will likely not receive a very good price, either.

Gun Store

Your local gun store is a great place to sell your riflescope if you want a good price. It has experienced gun users that know their way around gun optics. They can assess your optics and pay you what it’s worth if they buy used optics. However, most gun stores do not buy used optics.

Online Classifieds

Looking for local buyers?

Many communities have online firearm trading forums. You can connect with buyers on these sites and meet in person to close the sale. Avoid putting out so much of your personal information on these websites. What’s more, always meet buyers in public areas.

Online Auction Site

Online auction sites are a convenient place to find buyers for your firearm optics. You can put your item up for bid or list it for a set price. These sites are also decently safe since they provide built-in scam protection.

Online Gun Forums

Gun forums are a place to meet more experienced and enthusiastic buyers. But they are quite time-consuming. You have to participate regularly in these online forums to keep your buyers interested in your gun optics. Ensure you answer all their questions.

Tips to Help You Have a Successful Gun Optics Sale

When selling your gun optics, you expect to get value from your sale. The following tips can help you make a good amount of money from the sale.

Refurbish Your Gun Optics

Worn-out firearm optics won’t go for much. This is why you should consider a riflescope makeover. If your optics has scratches, you can polish and buff them out. You can also clean your scope. It will go a long way in making the exterior of your gun optics look shiny and new.

Test Out Your Gun Optics

Before buyers pay you cash for your firearm optics, they’ll want to know if it’s efficient. You don’t want to waste your time by putting a non-functional scope on sale.

Some of the features buyers will test out prior to making a purchase include:

  • Scope magnification
  • Objective lens size
  • Weight
  • Rifle scope glass
  • Tube size
  • Lens coating
  • Field of view
  • Focal plane
  • Scope reticle
  • Turrets— elevation/windage adjustment
  • Illumination

As the seller, you should test out these features. This will help you match your customer with firearm optics that suits their needs.

Offer Complete Descriptions of Your Gun Optics

When your customers don’t have enough information about the rifle optics, they may back out of the sale. Most clients appreciate thoroughness and honesty in product descriptions.

This is why you need to offer relevant and detailed information about the scope. Ensure you list the brand, model, as well as specifications of your optics. In addition, focus on highlighting the positive aspects of the gun optics in your description. It will help lure them into buying your product.

Take Quality Photos of Your Gun Optics

If you’re selling your gun optics online, you need to take quality photos of your scope. It will help you make a quicker sale. What’s more, you can sell them at a higher price.

Snap clear photos from multiple angles. Also, ensure the photos of your gun optics have a clean background.

Make Some Money With Your Gun Optics

If you want to go from gun optics rookie to gun optics pro, the guide above is definitely for you.

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