What’s so great about the Vortex Razor 1-6?

Consistently, one of our fastest selling items at RKB Armory is the Vortex Razor HD Gen 2-E 1-6×24. What is it about this scope, as well as the older “non-E version,” that makes it one of the best?

At RKB Armory, we believe the answer is simple: It possesses a few highly desirable, but rare, qualities. There are quite a few LPVOs that feature one, or even several, of the qualities I’m about to point out. But, the Vortex Razor HD Gen 2-E (and non-E) 1-6×24 seems to be the one scope that checks all these boxes.

  • The red dot is daylight bright. This is somewhat unusual in the world of Low Power Variable Optics. It seems to be difficult to accomplish, in an engineering sense, otherwise, everyone would do it. I think it is reasonable to say this is even, “Aimpoint Bright,” which is a high bar, indeed.
  • The sight picture is so big that the rim and body of the scope seem to almost disappear. Most scopes, even some very good ones, can not say the same thing. Looking through this scope reminds me of looking through a big, bright picture window.
  • The eye box is very forgiving. Your head does not have to be in the exact perfect position to have a good view through this scope. On some scopes, the image easily disappears if your eye isn’t in the proper place behind the scope. This is called, “scope shadow,” and can be annoying. The Razor is very generous when it comes to eye placement.
  • The optical quality is extremely good. This varies from person to person, and I roll my eyes when people talk about “glass.” However, I will say that the optical quality is very good. It would take a lot more money to provide a significant improvement in this regard.
  • The unique and attractive anodized “stealth shadow” color is practical and recognizable. This color is fairly good camouflage right out of the box; certainly better than black. Additionally, it is low-glare, and resists abrasions quite well. (Pictured Below)
  • The price isn’t cheap but is reasonable for this level of quality and features. The most recent version that came through RKB Armory included a throw lever but didn’t have the original box, so we sold it as, “Well Used,” even though it was in nearly perfect condition. That’s a great price for a scope that costs $1,400.00 in most places, but we have many scopes at really good prices. The Razor sells right away, every time. (Pictured Below)
If you’re looking for a great scope, and you see one for sale on our website, you better act quickly, or it will be gone.

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