How to Price Your Gun Scope When Selling

In the US, at least 30 percent of adults are in possession of a firearm.

Additionally, rifles are owned by about two-thirds of gun owners. There are millions of rifles in use, and they are used for anything from home defense to leisure shooting.

You might be surprised to learn that many used rifle scopes retain some of their worth. You can sell an older gun scope if you aren’t using it or don’t want it.

But how do you price your used gun scope? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know when pricing and selling firearm optics.

Gun Scopes

Nowadays, the majority of gun enthusiasts employ an optical sighting system on most of their weapons. This is for a very good reason: simplicity.

Much of the difficulty of aligning iron sights are fully eliminated when aiming through a scope or red dot sight.

When using metallic sights, you must align the target and the front and rear sights. With a scope, all you need to do is align the crosshairs with the target. Since most rifle scopes also magnify, your target will appear closer, allowing you to fire a more precisely aimed shot. Scopes are a rifle’s best friend!

Be Aware of Preferred Brands and Qualities

It’s possible that you will no longer like the optics you want to sell. However, if you’re selling them, they shouldn’t be junk.

Would you settle for any old, shoddy item if you were looking at used scopes for sale? Obviously not.

Just because someone might not be able to afford a gorgeous new scope doesn’t mean that they would want your old junk.

In fact, if someone is purchasing secondhand, they most likely have more in common with individuals considering brand-new, cutting-edge devices rather than the inexpensive knockoffs sold on eBay or Amazon.

Assess the Scope’s Condition

Value is based, partly, on condition, just like with other used goods. Your scope won’t be worth much if it has been extensively used, damaged, and worn from all the fun you’ve had with it. You can take steps to improve the condition and value of your vintage scope.

Many scratches that occur in the field can also be polished and rubbed out. If you do this, your scope may even appear to be a very lightly used optic on the outside. A little polish and care in the cleaning process go a long way.

Turrets are one of the most important things to examine on a scope. Make sure your turrets function because a rifle optic is useless if the new owner cannot adjust for windage and elevation.

Over time, certain components may sustain damage. Any movement or play in them should be interpreted as a hint of potential damage.

Additionally, make sure the scope mounts correctly and is in good condition.

You have completed this stage and are prepared to go on to the next if your scope looks good.

Don’t worry if you are unable to give the scope some sparkle. When you sell it, be truthful; the buyer will get it.

Nobody will anticipate that a used rifle scope will be as nice as a brand-new one. But it needs to appear well-maintained. This step may not even be needed if you maintain your scope properly.

If you haven’t already, you should think about researching good scope maintenance.

Ensure Working Condition

Your old rifle scopes must function in order to be put to use again. Take your scope out to the range and fire some rounds through your rifle to see if it works properly. Your scope is perfect if you can accurately shoot a group.

You might think about selling the scope if it isn’t functioning properly. Depending on the scope’s worth, it might not be worthwhile.

Not every purchased scope is actually used. If you have one that isn’t being used, make sure to give it a complete inspection. Scopes and other fine mechanical parts might deteriorate over time depending on the temperature where you live.

It is simple to buy a scope with the intention of using it, only to never do so. If you’re anything like us, you probably have a go-to rifle and scope, and alternate options might not get used. Make sure the scope is still in its original condition in this situation and that you are prepared to sell it.

Consider Brand Value

It’s generally not a good idea to sell an outdated scope from an unknown manufacturer. Some manufacturers are renowned for their excellent and reliable optics. Your scope is more likely to sell even after frequent use if it was made by one of them.

This reputation aids in the sale of your optical device. Someone wants your old ACOG if you have one lying around. An old 3x power scope from Wal-Mart may have served you well, but it won’t retain much of its value when you go to sell it.

The reputation of the business is crucial when it comes to gun manufacturers and accessories. Having said that, you should think about seeing what you can get out of a secondhand scope if it hasn’t seen any significant use. The value of your scope can astound you.

Price Your Used Gun Scope Accordingly

Now, when it comes time to sell your old gun scope, you have a better idea of how to price it fairly.

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