A Guide to the Different Types of Scopes for New Gun Owners

One of the largest and most comprehensive online surveys showed that 32% of US adults were gun owners. As a new gun owner, it’s important to understand the different types of scopes available for your firearm. Ultimately, it’s important to consider your needs as a shooter and your budget when selecting a scope to ensure you get the best possible results while staying safe and accurate with each shot.

A scope is a shooting tool that helps shooters to hit targets with long-range accuracy. It is considered an important optic if you want to gain better accuracy with your shot.

Getting the correct scope for your firearm is just as important as knowing how to set it up. Shooting conditions and reasons for needing an accurate shot can vary greatly depending on the situation. With so many scope options available, it can be challenging to find the perfect optic to suit your needs.

Keep reading and discover how to pick the most ideal scope for your individual requirements.

Fixed Scope

These optics have a fixed magnification level that provides the same power at all times. Selecting the magnification of your fixed-power scope is important as you don’t want an optic that will limit shot opportunities. With a fixed scope, shooters can focus on their target without worrying about adjusting the magnification level, making it an excellent choice for novice shooters shooting from a fixed range.

Fixed scopes tend to be lighter and have a more compact design for convenience in comparison to variable scopes.

This optic is considered to be one of the more affordable scope options. However, fixed-power scopes have become less common and have been mostly replaced by variable-power scopes.

Variable Scope

Variable scopes allow the ability to adjust the level of desired magnification. This optic is best if you are shooting from a variety of ranges. The main advantage of variable magnification is that it’s very versatile. This optic can be used for close-range shooting on low magnifications or for long-range use on high magnifications while still maintaining the ability to observe small details.

Variable magnification optics tend to be bigger, heavier, and typically more expensive than fixed-scope optics.

Tactical Scope

The term “Tactical scope” is not simply defined, but it usually is associated with self-defense, military, or law enforcement operations, where precision is a critical requirement.

Tactical scope optics offer enhanced situational awareness during critical engagements where swift action can make a life-saving difference. Tactical scopes can be ideal for any shooter, from a beginner level to the more trained one. They are relatively simple and easy to use.

When buying a tactical scope, it’s important to take into consideration the conditions you’ll be operating in, including distance and visibility. Pricing for this optic varies depending on features and quality.

Hunting Scope

A durable scope option is a hunting scope. This scope is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and tough environments; weight is a significant consideration.

Hunters require a clear and precise view of their constantly moving targets. Hunting scopes perform exceptionally well in low-light conditions such as dusk or dawn. As a result, they require top-notch low-light capabilities to ensure optimal performance.

Understanding the type of hunting you intend to do will help you determine the appropriate magnification range you’ll need for your scope.

Night Vision Scope

The name is self-explanatory as this scope is perfect for dark or low-light conditions. These optics are very advanced and extremely effective. This type of device incorporates advanced technology, such as infrared imaging and thermal imaging, to enhance visibility even in complete darkness.

Night vision scopes work by amplifying light so you can see in very dark situations. It’s often used by hunters since it provides illuminated visibility during optimal hunting hours.

The best night vision scopes have high-resolution optics and long battery life, allowing users to acquire targets quickly and easily without compromising their position.

With a variety of models available on the market today, users can choose from different image intensifier tubes, optical coatings, and features like reticle options to suit their particular needs.

Sniper Scope

The term “Sniper Scope” has no real definition.

Long Range Scope

A long-range scope is an essential tool for achieving precision and accuracy.  Specifically designed for this purpose, a long-range scope enables you to hit your targets with greater ease and accuracy, even at extended distances. A long-range scope generally has a magnification of over 10x.

This high-power optic allows shooters to see targets clearly and make accurate shots, even from hundreds or thousands of yards away.

Choosing a long-range scope is a matter of preference and intended use.

Scout Scope

A scout scope is perfect for shooting in very dense woodlands and areas with limited visibility. The scout scope is a highly effective tool for military personnel and hunters operating in dense forest environments.

A scout scope is typically mounted on the front of a receiver, slightly forward along a rifle barrel. Its compact design and low magnification allow for quick target acquisition and tracking, making it an indispensable asset for those who need to stay mobile while maintaining situational awareness. Its sturdy construction has been tailored specifically for use in rugged terrain and harsh shooting conditions. This makes the scout scope ideal for situations where speed, accuracy, and reliability are paramount elements of success.

Should You Buy Used Scopes?

When it comes to purchasing scopes for hunting, shooting, or other outdoor activities, the decision to buy used can be cost-effective. Used scopes often come at a fraction of the cost of new ones and can still offer high-quality optics that will assist in accurate target acquisition.

When purchasing a used scope, it is important to verify its authenticity in order to ensure both the quality and reliability of your investment.

Buying from reputable sellers who provide product history or warranties can also provide greater confidence in your purchase.  RKB Armory is a veteran-owned online used optics shop. Our expertise and experience will help you find the perfect optic for your needs.

How to Choose the Right Types of Scopes

Choosing from this list of scopes can be a bit overwhelming. When it comes to choosing the right type of scope, there are a few key factors to consider.

It is important to determine what purpose your scope will serve. Researching brands, models, and reviews is crucial in choosing the perfect scope for your needs.

Are you interested in buying used scopes for your gun? Contact us today at RKB Armory to buy or sell used scopes.

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