New vs Used Firearm Optics: What’s the Better Deal?

When it comes to firearms, there are few things more important than a good optic. A good optic lets you see your target clearly and helps you hit those tough shots. Optics can even help you adjust for variables like wind speed and distance, giving you an edge in long-distance shooting.

But with eye-watering price tags, buying new firearm optics can be an expensive proposition. However, not all hope is lost. There are also used optics you can buy that are cheaper and just as effective as new ones.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the reasons why used firearm optics are not only a better deal but are just as effective as new optics.

Many Optics are Durable

One of the main concerns about buying a used optic is the condition of the optic. Most optic buyers want an optic that is in great condition. This usually drives buyers to buy new optics out of fear they will buy a damaged used scope. Afterall, optics are made out of thin metal and glass, so damage to the components is a concern for all buyers.

However, many of today’s optics are very durable. Many of today’s optics are made out of airplane-grade aluminum and scratch-resistant glass. They are meant to endure the rigor of training and combat and do not easily break.

This is not to say that all optics are durable because even new optics that are cheaper or low quality can break. But if you’re buying a used optic from a trusted brand, chances are the optic is still in great working condition.

Get Great Optics for Great Prices

For modern optics, a lot of workmanship and design goes into creating them. These fragile components are created to be durable and precise. They are also built with durable materials, which makes a new optic very expensive.

Many new optics can cost around $2000 and can cost even more for nicer optics. This high cost can put most optics out of the price range of many buyers.

Used optics are often much less expensive than new optics. This is because used optics can are more worn than new optics, and buyers pay a premium for a un-used scope in perfect condition.

As mentioned above, these used optics are very durable and work just as well as new optics. There is also a wide variety of used scopes at a wide range of prices you can choose from as well. You can also find older model thermal and night vision scopes for attractive prices compared to newer technology.

Get a Used Scope with a Great Warranty

When it comes to optics, there are a handful of trusted brands out there. Some specialize in close range optics like red dots and holographic sights, while others specialize in long-range scopes.

Every kind of scope that comes from a trusted brand usually comes with some kind of warranty. And you might be tempted to buy a new scope based on the warranty that comes with it. The good news is that these warranties usually transfer to the new owner when they are sold.

This means that you can buy a used scope at a great price and still get the warranty. If the scope ever breaks or a component malfunctions, you can contact the manufacturer and get it fixed or even get a replacement.

Before buying a scope, make sure to check out the manufacturer of the scope. This will help you find out if they offer lifetime warranties on their products and the conditions of that warranty.

Spend More Money on Components that Matter

The right optic is a critical part of your rifle and can help take your shooting to the next level. But there are other critical components of a rifle as well. Your stock, handguard, bipod, scope mount, bolt, and the weapon itself will all make a big impact on your shooting experience.

These components aren’t cheap either. Spending a ton of money on a new optic can mean pinching pennies when it comes to other critical components. This can lead to poor shot consistency and make that expensive optic worthless.

If you buy a used scope, you can get a top of the line scope at a significant saving, sometimes as much as 30%-50%. This can mean saving more than $400, which you can use to buy other important components. You can also use the money you saved on buying your optic to upgrade your weapons platform and further increase your accuracy and precision.

Save Money for the Range

As we all know, no matter what optic you have, it won’t make a bad shooter great. Becoming accurate and making use of a great scope requires practice and many, many rounds at the range.

You want to have as much money in your budget to spend on rounds and practicing at the range as possible. If you buy an expensive optic and you can’t afford much ammo, you won’t be using it much.

If you buy a used optic, you can spend those hundreds of dollars you saved on ammo and range fees. This will allow you to get acquainted with your optic and get the most use out of it. It will also help you sight in your optic and get it exactly where you want it.

Get the Right Firearm Optics for You

Now that you know that used firearm optics are a great deal, you can start researching what optic you need for your rifle. Make sure to do plenty of research and think about how you will use the optic to get the best results.

If you have any more questions about used optics or selling optics, please visit our blog. 

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