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For 30 years, Nightforce has been building and designing optics systems that are tested in the world’s harshest conditions.

Nightforce’s products are designed for the high standards of hunters, military members, and professional shooters. Anyone that’s looking for a high-performing accessory for their rifle will be happy with a Nightforce product.

Nightforce was founded by Ray Dennis who started hunting at a young age. Dennis hunted foxes and rabbits with his grandfather at night. He used the spotlighting method that’s common in Australia.

Dennis found the contemporary spotlight products lacking in what he needed to adequately hunt in the dark. He developed his own lightweight design. He also designed scopes that were better than what was currently offered in the market.

There’s no mass production of products with Nightforce. Experienced hands and a skilled eye are the only things discerning enough to assemble a Nightforce optic or riflescope.

Before a scope or optic leaves the factory, it is subject to harsh testing. These conditions are beyond what the average person, or scope, will encounter in the field.

Their products endure repeated impacts during testing. They also get hand-checked for integrity and accuracy.

Browse our selection of Nightforce products to discover why they’re high-performing products.

Superior Technology That Ensures You’ll Hit More Targets

Nightforce’s products were designed to fill in gaps where other scopes and optics were lacking. You can tell the difference immediately when you start working with a Nightforce product. Once you put your eye to the scope, the superior quality will be even more apparent.

  • Rigorous Testing: Scopes get tested in a pressure tank to ensure waterproof integrity
  • Multi-Element Lens Design: Nightforce’s lens system focuses light rays more precisely for superior color accuracy and image clarity
  • Multi-Coating Protection: All air-to-glass surfaces get coated in a high-quality material
  • Optical Indexing: Every lens is aligned and matched by hand
  • High-Grade Materials: Tubes are made from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy
  • Smooth Operations: The internal spring gets polished for two weeks in a tumbler, ensuring that there are no burrs or rough spots

High-Quality Illumination Systems

Select Nightforce rifle scopes come with one of Nightforce’s proprietary illumination systems. These include:

  • DigIllum®
  • Analog Illumination
  • Daylight Visible Reticle Illumination

Each lighting system is designed to give you the illumination you need for your lighting conditions. The illumination system will shut off after a period of inactivity but be ready to go when you need it. Your settings are saved so you don’t have to waste time getting back to your desired illumination.

Nightforce’s illumination systems are reliable, simple, and effective. Easily hit your targets no matter the lighting condition.

Browse Our Collection of Nightforce Products

Choose a product that’s designed by a company that understands the needs of hunters and shooters. Don’t stress over having to adjust your illumination system when hunting at night. Trust in Nightforce’s superior products.

Shop our selection of Nightforce products or sell your gently used Nightforce to RKB Armory.

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