3 Things You Need to Know Before Selling Your Used Rifle Scopes

In the United States, at least 30% of adults own at least one gun.

Almost two-thirds of those that own a gun own a rifle. Millions of rifles are in circulation, and they are used for everything from recreational shooting to home defense.

What you may not realize is that used rifle scopes do not lose all their value. They retain value, and if you aren’t using or don’t want an older optic that you purchased for your rifle, you can sell it. If the idea of this interests you, we are going to cover some things you should do before selling your optic.

Used Rifle Scopes

Used rifle scopes, or optics, are devices that attach most often to the top of the firearm. They are used to see targets that are far away and can help shooters improve their accuracy. If you own a rifle or more than one rifle, you may own more than one optic for each rifle.

You may have bought a scope and decided that it didn’t work for you. You may have moved and required a different scope in your current environment. Whatever the case may be, don’t just throw out your used rifle scopes. If they are in good condition, you could get paid for them.

Here is a list of the things you should do if you are considering selling your optic.

1. Check the Condition

Like any used part, the condition determines value. If your scope is heavily used, damaged, and worn from all the fun you had with it, it won’t be worth much. There are things you can do to increase the condition and improve the value of your old scope.

You can refurbish the scope. It is also possible to polish and buff out many of the scratches that happen in the field. If you do this, the exterior of your scope can even look like a shiny new optic. Polish and a bit of attention to cleaning go a long way.

One of the key areas to check on a scope is the turrets. Make sure your turrets work because if the new owner is unable to adjust for windage and elevation, the rifle optic is worthless. These pieces can become damaged over time. Any play or wiggle in them should be taken as a sign of possible damage.

You should also make sure that the scope mounts properly and that it isn’t damaged. If your scope looks good, then you are finished with this section and are ready to move on to the next part. If you can’t return some luster to the scope, don’t worry. Be honest when you sell it, and the buyer will understand.

No one is going to expect a used rifle scope to be as nice as a new one. It should look well cared for. If you practice proper maintenance on your scope, this step may not even be required. If you haven’t, you should consider looking into proper care for your scope.

2. Make Sure it Functions

In order for your used rifle scopes to be reused, they need to work. The only way to determine if your scope is functional is to take it out on the range and put some rounds through your rifle. If you are able to bring your group together with minimal adjustments, your scope is working just fine.

If the scope isn’t working, you might consider having it replaced. Depending on the value of the scope, this may not be worth it. A damaged scope that has a cracked lens is not a functional piece of equipment.

Not every scope that is purchased gets used. Make sure if you have one that isn’t used that you check it over thoroughly. Depending on the climate that you live in, scopes and other fine mechanical components can become damaged by disuse.

It can be easy to purchase a scope thinking that it will have a use but then not use it. If you’re anything like us, you have a favorite rifle and optic and other options may not work out. In this case, make sure the scope is still in original condition, and you are ready to sell it.

3. Consider the Brand Value

Putting in money on an old scope from a manufacturer that no one knows about is probably not a great idea. Some makers, like Trijicon, are well known for their high quality and dependable optics. If you have a scope made by one of them, they are more likely to function even after heavy use.

This reputation translates into selling your optic. If you have an old ACOG laying around, someone wants to have it. If you have an old 3x power scope from Wal-Mart, it might have served you well but won’t keep much of its value to resell.

With gun manufacturers and accessories, the reputation of the company is paramount. That being said, if you have a used scope that doesn’t have any hard use, you should consider seeing what you can get out of it. You might be surprised at what your scope is worth.

Get Rid of Those Old Rifle Scopes

If you do decide to get rid of your used rifle scopes, turn to a buyer that you can trust. RKB Armory is a company for gun people. You can send in the information and get a quote on your optic today. You will be offered a fair market price for the scope you have.

Rifles are one of the most fun and useful firearms that you could ever purchase. They can bring down a buck or an armored intruder with equal efficiency. Remember that everyone has the right to own a gun, and we hope everyone also enjoys the weapons that they purchase.

Don’t throw out your old, used rifle scopes until you give us a chance to make you an offer. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us anytime. Take a peek at the site while you’re there, and see if we have anything you might be interested in.

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