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High-Quality Burris Optics

Whether you are using your optics for hunting, tactical uses, or competitive shooting Burris has you covered.

Set Your Sights with Innovative Optics

Are you having a hard time hitting your target? Maybe you want to perfect your already near-perfect shot. No matter what the case may be, Burris optics have what you need to consistently hit the target every time. From binoculars to reticles and everything in between, find out why Burris optics have been widely considered one of the best in the industry.

Burris is an American company, and many of its products are made in America.


Burris offers anti-reflection coated optics along with both waterproof and fog proof riflescopes. That’s not all, the anti-reflective optic and scope coating provides high light transmission with the ability to reduce glare and enhance image brightness.

Burris sights and optics allow you to hit your targets no matter the lighting conditions! With the Burris thermal series, you can take your night hunting to a whole new level. Burris offers more than just your run-of-the-mill night vision scopes. With excellent resolution and high-speed refresh rates, you can stay locked in on moving targets at maximum range.

These scopes have Zero Click Stop adjustment knobs meaning you can easily and quickly return to original yardage settings without the need of counting clicks. This makes for a sure-shot every time.

RKB Armory understands that a steady shot is the key to consistently hitting your shots. With Burris mounts, you can set your optic just the way you like with our adjustable rings. From mounts to scopes to short-range optics RKB Armory is your one-stop shop for buying or selling Burris.


The Burris design is dedicated to focusing on accuracy, durability, and most of all innovation and value. Our top-quality premium Burris products are engineered to offer reliable performance at an affordable price time and time again. Each design is user-friendly and can be modified to fit your hunting or competitive needs.

With Burris, you get more than just a durable product. Each scope comes equipped with nitrogen-filled body tubes preventing internal fogging from the rain and cold. No matter the weather the Burris design allows you to be successful.

Burris high-grade reticles are built for both big game and small varmint. Be ready for anything with Burris optics and scopes. From beginners to seasoned veteran shooters Burris optics and scopes have what you need from start to finish.

Buy and Sell Your Optics 

The RKB Armory does more than just offer Burris products right to your doors step. At RKB, selling your inventory is made easy. So, whether you are trying to take your skills to a higher level or are looking for a place to sell your Burris products, the RKB Armory has what you need. Shop and sell today with RKB!

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