Vortex Spitfire AR Red Dot Prism Scope

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Details: Vortex Spitfire AR Red Dot Prism Sight. Model SPR-200. Includes original box, manual, flip caps, battery, and 5.56 BDC Turret Cap.

Vortex’s Description: When shooters demand the quick-handling characteristics of a red dot but suffer starburst effects in red dots from common astigmatism, the Spitfire AR is the perfect choice. The glass-etched DRT (Dual Ring Tactical) reticle can be used with or without the red/green illumination like a traditional riflescope and makes target and reticle acquisition in close-quarters a snap. Unique to the Spitfire AR, an included 5.56 BDC turret allows shooters to dial popular AR-15 configurations to 700 yards—perfect for limited division 3-Gun competitors or range-goers who wish to engage targets from point-blank to extended range.

Battery Life: Up to 250 hours on the highest setting. Up to 3,000 hours on the lowest setting.

Prism Scopes are not compatible with the Micro3X or VMX-3T Magnifier.

RKB Armory’s Opinion: Many people don’t like a traditional red dot because of eyesight issues (astigmatism). A great solution is a prism scope such as this. Not only can you choose between green or red reticle, but it also has an adjustable diopter and no magnification. The reticle is quite useful, too, even without batteries.

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