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Elcan Specter DR 1-4 7.62 FDE

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Details: Elcan SpecterDR 1-4. Model DFOV14-T2. FDE. Illuminated 7.62 Reticle. Includes removable kill flash, original box, manual, and battery cap tool.

Elcan’s Description:
“ELCAN Specter® DR Dual Role Military Combat Weapon Sight
The ELCAN Specter DR® (available in 1-4x and 1.5-6x configurations) dual role weapon sight is a dual-field-of-view combat optic that provides both close quarters and precision down-range fire capability in a single optic. Whether utilizing the red dot in 1x (1.5x) mode or the ranging reticle in the 4x (6x) mode, the Specter DR dual role combat optic provides ultra-wide viewing angles for optimal situational awareness and unmatched low-light performance. Utilizing a side-mounted “throw lever” the Specter DR sight quickly and easily changes the field of view to fit the warfighters’ operational needs. The Specter DR DFOV sight is also equipped with an illuminated reticle that, when paired with its superior light gathering capability, makes it extremely effective in low light conditions.
The illuminated reticle, along with the red aiming dot, is controlled by a new and improved low profile illumination switch that not only reduces the overall width of the sight but also its overall weight while increasing battery life by 50%.
The ELCAN Specter DR optical sight is compatible with both image intensified (I2) and thermal clip-on devices to provide complete day/night packages to meet all mission requirements.”

RKB Armory’s Opinion: “This is a great price for a great optic. The reticle, clarity, and speed are really high quality.”

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